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9 03 2011

Vírus Malware & Spyware


They are really a 3 kings of on-line software in the bad side. But like everything, this starts on our decisions about the way to avoid them,  two rules are elemental:

POSTiNG on Internet:
Financial information – Keep bank account numbers, loans and credit card information close to the chest.  It’s generally safe to use online banking and make purchases with credit cards on reputable sites, but make sure the web address is “https,” which means that there is extra security.
Passwords or information that could lead to your password. You shouldn’t post passwords online or on an email in any circumstances, you should also make sure you don’t post information that could allow a scammer to figure out your password. Think about the security questions you are asked and make sure that information stays private. This includes your address, phone number, social security number, and birth date.


At Home; Don’t say that your house will be empty for any period and careful about posting where you’re going during the course of your day. Don’t shareor post information about any family members either.
At Work; Don’t  post comments about your friends, boss or co-workers or reveal confidential information about your company. This is precisely, the information that “ID‘s” thieves are looking for! So, don’t make an “easy life” for them, beware!


Anything You Share OnLine, latter on, it will be shared through, on a continue way and most of the times, in a manner, that you can’t control!



The Doors are Open

8 03 2011

Lets start a new wave & see how it goes… This blog will be open to comments for discussions about the ways to track our blogs and synchronise all we want with or without Word Press & many other site/blogs! All my posts in Windy Wild Web come from feeds who should respect privacy and terms of language, if you do not like any one of it, just say it, but remember there are more people around!

The Doors are Open:

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